LSC Player Handicaps

LSC Player Handicaps for Monthly Tournaments

Below are the current handicaps for the next Monthly Snooker Tournament at Lincoln Snooker Club. These handicaps are for use in our own Monthly Snooker Tournaments Only, and are not to be used for any other LSC or LDBSA event(s).

The LSC Handicap System operates under the following rules;

  1. All players who qualify from the group stages will receive a reduction of (-7) points to their Active handicap for future events.
  2. All players not qualifying from the group stages will receive an increase of (+7) points to their Active handicap for future events.
  3. Handicaps are limited to a maximum of (+84), however there is no limit to a minimum rated handicap, (negative handicaps are possible).
  4. If a player does not play in a monthly event(s) their “Active” handicap will remain unchanged from their last appearance.
  5. New Player handicaps will be agreed during discussions with LSC during tournament registration. Initial handicaps for New Players will be subject to change during an active tournament if deemed highly inappropriate.

Updated 22/10/2017 – October 2017 results entered


Every effort is made to ensure handicaps are accurately calculated and displayed, (E&OE). If there are any concerns with LSC player handicaps stated please contact

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