LSC Player Handicaps

LSC Player Handicaps for Monthly Tournaments

Below are the current handicaps for the next Monthly Snooker Tournament at Lincoln Snooker Club. These handicaps are for use in our own Monthly Snooker Tournaments Only, and are not to be used for any other LSC or LDBSA event(s).

The LSC Handicap System operates under the following rules;

  1. All players who qualify from the group stages will receive a reduction of (-7) points to their Active handicap for future events.
  2. All players not qualifying from the group stages will receive an increase of (+7) points to their Active handicap for future events.
  3. Handicaps are limited to a maximum of (+84), however there is no limit to a minimum rated handicap, (negative handicaps are possible).
  4. If a player does not play in a monthly event(s) their “Active” handicap will remain unchanged from their last appearance.
  5. New Player handicaps will be agreed during discussions with LSC during tournament registration. Initial handicaps for New Players will be subject to change during an active tournament if deemed highly inappropriate.

Updated 10/02/2018 – January 2018 results entered


First Surname Current Handicap
Tom Aitchison 49
Aiden Allen 63
Lee Applewhite 0
Gary Barton 77
Callum Baptist 28
Reg Biggs 56
Dek Binnington 42
Russ Binnington 21
Leigh Blades 63
Leo Bosher 63
Geoff Bowen 7
Nigel Brazier 35
Chris Brodigan 42
Stu Cannings 35
Tom Carrol 49
Rick Chester 35
Dean Christopher 28
Matthew Clarkson 35
Ian Cotter 28
Phil Cross 70
Dave Dawson 42
Matt Dent 35
Jonny Five 70
Andy Fletcher 28
Billy Foster 70
Glenn Foster 42
Lee Foster 42
Leigh Foster 56
Lawrence Foster 70
Pete Gamblin 21
Mark Gibbons 28
Simon Goldstein 63
Tom Goldstein 7
James Goulding 63
Scott Gratrick 35
Dean Greatorex 77
Dale Greaves 35
Mark Hanford 42
Justin Harboard 63
Harry Harmston 70
Justin Hunt 28
Lee Johnson 56
Martin Key 7
Dave Lambert 70
Matt Lee -14
Mike McCarthy 49
Stu Maclean 70
Nathan McDougall 56
Steve Metcalfe -7
Paul Miller 21
Michael Morrison 35
Simon Mower 21
Tom Neate 63
Alan Peacock 14
Tom Pollard 42
Stephen Richards 49
Geoff Robson 14
Dale Schofield 0
Tony Scully 28
Michael Stacey 84
Brandon Staples 70
Dennis Staples 63
Josh Sykes 56
Edward Taylor 77
Hugo Tomas 0
Jorge Tomas 49
Paulo Tomas 63
Carl Wilkinson 21
Andy Wingate 7
Andy Wright 14

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