First Match of the Season – LSC B v LSC A

First match of the new season and it started in stella fashion with a sublime 102 from LSC Captain Matt Lee . Second frame continued the away sides momentum with a win for Lee Applewhite over James Brown.


Lee Applewhite on his way to a win in frame 2

Frame 3 saw Tom ‘Sideshow’ Goldstein win with a cheeky 47, club coach commenting that his technique was straight out of the snooker manual. Frame 4 went the way of LSC A with Hugo Tomas a comprehensive winner. Frame 5 saw Tom Goldstein make it 5 in a row for LSC A.

Frame 6 saw Geoff Bowen take on his old side against Hugo Tomas with Hugo winning the frame in good fashion. Frame 7 was a heavy weight clash between Dean Christopher and Geoff Bowen which went the way of Geoff and thus securing LSC B’s first win of the night. Last but not least saw the return of the centurion Matt Lee taking on Jonathan Graves resulting in a well deserved win for Jonathan after Matt got 3 snookers and then went in off , off the blue.


LSC B 2 – LSC A 6


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