Lincoln Snooker Coaching Update

28th May 2016 – Week 8 update.


Lincoln Snooker Coaching Club has been running for eight weeks already! The club has had a great response from players of all ages, and in many ways exceeded our initial expectations. The enthusiasm of the attendees each week has been both reassuring and hugely rewarding for the coaches and all those involved in undertaking this initiative.

All the players are showing an ability to learn the game and there are clear signs of improvements. These results are in no small part due to the members’ ability to follow instruction of the coaching staff as well as their keen desire to learn the game and improve their skills.


We see the coaching has already improved the skills of many members and we are receiving regular feedback from players who are recognising this themselves in practice sessions. Saturday coaching sessions are a mix of technical drills, one-to-one coaching and “White to Black” award level tests. We finish the last part of the sessions with some complete 15-red frames. During these frames it is clear to see the improvements in players’ skill and the development of group unity where all players assist and encourage each other.


We value the importance of teaching the players the correct rules and etiquette of the sport of Snooker sport. We can see players new to the sport learning these disciplines very qucikly.

It should be mentioned that we have some very junior members attending the Saturday Snooker Coaching Club. We would like to acknowledge their impeccable behavior during coaching sessions and the support provided by their parents and guardians each week.

Our coaches continue to deliver the course in-line with the WPBSA “White-to-Black” program and as such many members have now achieved their first wristbands to demonstrate the Award level achieved.


Deklan receiving both the White and Red Awards



Brandon achieves the “Yellow” award this week



Jack receiving his White award from his coach

We would like to thank all those who continue to support Lincoln Snooker Coaching Club.  Due to the flexibility of the tuition we can constantly accept new players. The Saturday Coaching Club is tailored to the individual and not a rigid weekly syllabus, this allows new members to start and enjoy the Club at any time.

To join please collect an application form from Lincoln Snooker Club in person or download the Snooker Coaching Registration Form from the LSC Download section, here.


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